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The highest-performing work glove on planet earth, hand-stitched in Randolph, Vermont. Made of 100% goat leather, this hand-saver is perfect for daily wear. This glove is equally at home braaping a chainsaw, weeding the roses or cracking a cold one after a long day of kicking ass.

  • Durable goatskin leather stays soft and dexterous
  • Hand-stitched with heavy-duty nylon thread
  • Outside seams for superior comfort
  • Double-stitched fingertip seams for protection & durability
  • Vein protector for longevity

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Wait, Goat Leather?

All of our gloves are primarily made of goat leather (the entire body, palm, thumb, gunn fingers, and back of hand) because it performs the best. Soft, supple and extremely durable. Furthermore, it keeps those attributes after years of wear and many wet/dry cycles. The reason the goat drys soft and supple is because of the inherent natural oils in the goat skin (and subsequent leather) also known as lanolin. Cowhide doesn't have these natural oils, so when it gets wet and then dry the leather become stiff, dry and brittle, thus making it wear out faster and not be form fitting to the hand.