How do I find my glove size?

We make gloves in 24 sizes, because you can’t afford to drop that wrench. When you get your size right, our gloves actually fit like a glove.

Following the technique in the video below, make a loose fist, and measure the circumference around the top of your knuckles. The number of inches around your knuckles is your glove size.

How should I take care of my gloves?

First things first, buy some leather conditioner to have on hand. When your gloves get wet, dry them low and slow - avoid drying gloves under or near direct heat sources as it can dry out the leather, pulling out the natural oils present in goat leather (which keep it supple & dexterous). Every now and then - after a long, wet day in the woods; or every few weeks - condition your gloves in order to replenish the natural oils in the leather.

Can I make my gloves more water resistant?

You bet yer sassafras you can. Pick up some Skidmores Waterproofing, and check out this video on the best way to apply it.

Can I use both conditioner and waterproofing?

Absolutely. Just condition your gloves before applying the beeswax waterproofing and you're good to go. If you do it in reverse, the beeswax will create an impenetrable forcefield and not allow the conditioner to reach the leather. So, y'know, don't do it that way.

What type of leather do you use?

At Vermont Glove, we have used goat leather for durability, dexterity, and weatherization since the beginning. Goat leather has the durability of cowhide, is supple and soft like deerskin, and will dry soft and malleable once wet. That means you don’t have to sit on them the whole car ride to actually use them.

Where does your leather come from?

We source our leather from within the United States. We do not publish our suppliers from various regions of the country because our process and relationships are proprietary.

How can I place an order?

Consumers: Order directly from our online store

Wholesale & Trades: Initiate your order by filling out our order form or giving us a call. You can download the form and fill out the PDF directly, or print, hand-write, and email it back to us.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping: We currently offer shipping via FEDEX.  Our gloves are made to order and we make every effort to ship within 5 business days.  

Exchanges: If you need to exchange an item for a different size or style, please contact us.  You will be responsible for additional shipping fees in both directions.

Returns: If you need to return an item, we will happily refund your order provided we receive it in original, unworn condition within 60 days.  We will refund your original payment method minus the cost of shipping.  You are responsible for return shipping.