Your glove care routine should be proportional to the amount of yeehaw you’re laying down.

Lanolin is the natural oil in goatskin that keeps it supple and durable.

It is the unsung hero of our gloves. The cheddar to our patty melt. The vapor barrier to our dream home. The pinky to our pointer.

Seriously though, the lanolin’s the magic sauce, and no matter how you use your gloves, it will eventually begin to leave your leather.

That’s why you’ll want to condition your gloves every now and then. We use Fiebing’s Neatsfoot Oil, a 100% natural oil that is the best in the biz.

Goat leather is naturally porous.

Despite being as rugged as your grandma, and protective as your grandma’s pit bull, in wet environments your goatskin gloves will eventually saturate with water.

If you’re a big skier or work underwater, you’ll want to add a waterproofing agent to your gloves, to keep as much water out as possible.

We use Skidmore’s Waterproofing, a blend of beeswax and natural oils - we’d never put petroleum products on our gloves.