Chopper's Mitt





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*All gloves are made to order. We do our best to ship your order within 3-5 business days of purchase.*

This may just be the last leather mitten you’ll ever need. Made of 100% goat leather with a sewn-in recycled poly liner, this Vermont Glove work mitten can chop a cord of wood or accompany you to the store to stock up on sausages for the afterparty. Or use as your new favorite ski mitten for bombing down the slopes or ripping through the backcountry. Easy on easy off, the toasty goat leather mitten  keeps your fingers warm on the frostiest jaunts, and the tough, sturdy glove exterior provides protection from whacks, bangs, bumps and crushes. If we say so ourselves, this is basically the perfect all-purpose mitten.

  • A staple product in any Vermont mudroom closet
  • Perfectly designed mitten for the most rugged hand work on the coldest days of the year
  • Made from durable thick goatskin leather that is supple and soft on your hands
  • Hand-stitched mitten with heavy-duty nylon thread
  • Outside mitten seams for superior comfort
  • Double stitched and reinforced in heavy wear areas
  • Optional sewn-in mitten liner for extra warmth, made of 100% recycled polyester

You can also run our removable glove liners in the Chopper’s Mitt for a more versatile experience.

* All gloves are made to order. We do our best to ship your order within 5 days of purchase. You can expect to receive your gloves 7 business days after purchase.


Wait, Goat Leather?

All of our gloves are primarily made of goat leather (the entire body, palm, thumb, gunn fingers, and back of hand) because it performs the best. Soft, supple and extremely durable. Furthermore, it keeps those attributes after years of wear and many wet/dry cycles. The reason the goat drys soft and supple is because of the inherent natural oils in the goat skin (and subsequent leather) also known as lanolin. Cowhide doesn't have these natural oils, so when it gets wet and then dry the leather become stiff, dry and brittle, thus making it wear out faster and not be form fitting to the hand.