Wool Glove Liner




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Our signature seamless-knit merino wool liner magically transforms summer gloves into winter gloves.

A few things you should know about them:

*Due to supply shortages, all liners are gray until further notice. We will offer black once black merino wool becomes available again*

1. The proper size will feel slightly big on your hands. This allows them to stay in the glove when you remove your hand.

2. They fit best if your glove is worn by itself to break in before using liner.

3. If using with a new pair of work gloves, they may feel tight at first. They will relax to your hands over the first few uses.

4. This makes them versatile, allowing you to wear your gloves with and without wool insulation.

5. You can keep a fresh pair of liners (or a few) on hand to swap out with the stinky sweaty ones. Or, y’know, just wash them now and again.


XSmall Liner for glove size 7

Small Liner for glove sizes 8

Medium Liner for glove size 9

Large Liner for glove size 10

XL Liner for glove sizes 11 & 12