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Because your hands are the hardest working tool on the job.

Over the past 100 years of continuous operation, Green Mountain Glove has been through a lot. Booms and busts, world wars and the brink of bankruptcy (several times). We have persevered for many reasons and many people’s efforts, but above all, our gloves have pulled us through. They are exceptional, and our customers understand that, but there has been little marketing effort, no corporate identity, and no effort put into branding. You can only fall back on your product for so long.

That’s why, when Sam Hooper took over in 2018, he imagined what a prosperous, profitable Green Mountain Glove could look in today’s economy. A part of that vision is a refreshed brand identity for the company, that includes a new name, both of which are designed to honor the company’s heritage, and set the stage for growth and future success.

Our new logo is both a hand at work - reaching to grab a line or heading down towards the soil - and a mountain top. The pinnacle of which is where Vermont Glove sits in the landscape of glove makers. The five points both symbolize fingers - the tools we seek to empower - they also evoke river valleys running down a steep mountainside. This creates a link to both the natural world, and our commitment to environmental stewardship, but also to our outdoors customers.

The logotype is based on an old industrial sign painter style, which is simple and strong. The swashed L, holding the diminished O in place, evokes a hand-in-glove fit. The sweeping organic curve creates tension and contrast among the other strong, angular, rigid letterforms, creating movement and intrigue.

The underlying shape of the icon is built from the negative space in the M above which it sits. The result is a deep synergy between the two components of the logo, and an overall balance and pleasing composition that makes for a striking logo.

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The only way our gloves will ever change is if we figure out a way to make them perform better. Even though we have a new brand identity, our gloves will continue to be made right here in Randolph, powered by renewable energy, by high value employees. We believe that your hands are the hardest working tool on the job, and we’re working hard every day to protect them so you can stay connected to what you do.

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