Bespoke Glove Gift Pack



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Want to gift a pair of gloves but don't know what size to get (and don't want to spill the beans)? We've got you covered.

What You Get:

  • Deluxe gift pack complete with (1) Hand Tracing Guide, (2) Pre-paid return envelope (3) Deluxe die-cut sticker and (4) One-of-a-kind Vermont Glove carpenter pencil
  • Custom-Measured & Monogrammed pair of Vermonter gloves
  • Does NOT include Conditioner or Waterproofing
  • This bespoke gift pack is for Vermonter gloves only.


How It Works:

  • Buy this Bespoke Glove Gift Pack and we'll mail it to you in a shipping envelope
  • Remove the fetching Gift Pack envelope and place it in your festive holiday location, with the other presents
  • The love of your life (or plumber, whoever) is dumbstruck with such a thoughtful, caring and genuinely radical gift
  • They trace their hand on the Tracing Guide page, and writes the 3 characters they want monogrammed on their gloves, and their mailing address
  • They place the completed Tracing Guide into the pre-paid envelope included in the gift pack and returns to the glove factory in Vermont. 
  • When we receive the Tracing Guide, we will hand-stitch and custom monogram their fully personalized goat leather work gloves.
  • Their custom gloves will arrive 2-3 weeks after we receive their Tracing Guide.